Work Package 2

Landscape-scale process integration

We will assimilate pan-Arctic in-situ observational databases by merging datasets provided by an extensive network of international collaborators with information extracted from pan-Arctic databases. Important gaps regarding the role of open water bodies will be closed by setting up a landscape-scale observatory featuring innovative stationary and mobile platforms to monitor effective flux patterns in a heterogeneous Arctic landscape.

These datasets will be instrumental for process model calibration and evaluation at the landscape scale. Remote sensing work will generate pan-Arctic datasets of current states and trends to support ESM operation at very high spatial resolution (few km), including novel products reflecting the potential for different pathways of hydrological disturbance following permafrost degradation. We will ingest this information to develop a next-generation process-based land-surface scheme as a part of the new Earth System model ICON-ESM that resolves the spatial variability in Arctic landscapes at a high level of detail. This setup will facilitate an unprecedented process-based coupling between ecosystem characteristics and environmental forcings, and for the first time resolve the impact of hydrologic disturbance on Arctic permafrost carbon cycle processes.

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